YYC CYCLE- Spin Studio Calgary

  • 2022.12.15
  • YYC
YYC CYCLE- Spin Studio Calgary

YYC CYCLE- Spin Studio Calgary

Welcome to YYC CYCLE- Spin Studio

Let the energy lift you up. Let the music take you away.

YYC CYCLE- Spin Studio Calgary offers 90 high-energy spin classes, 7 days a week, to help you commit to your best self. Led by our inspiring YYC CYCLE Motivators, your mind and body will feel energized and you will rediscover the strength that you’ve always known was within you!

Our top-of-the line lighting system and sound system will allow your mind and soul to escape into the beat and forget all about time for our 50 minute classes. Our premium bikes will not only promote cardiovascular health, but strengthen and tone muscles in your legs, core, and upper body while you rock-out to our high-energy music!

No matter what athletic experience you may have, as soon as you try your first class you’re part of our Bikergang. Come and see what our incredible community is all about.

Check us out at www.yyc-cycle.com for more information.

Let’s Ride!